Sample Suburban Plan

Sample Checklist

In addition to the standard services offered in the plan, there is a full list of services offered by PMM and Duce Construction.

The following is a selection of some additional services offered:

Life Safety

  • Test operation of smoke detectors, heat sensors and carbon monoxide detectors*.

Architectural Woodwork/Cabinetry & Cabinet Hardware

  • Check operation of doors, drawers and associated hardware. Check all knobs, pulls and handles.

Tile & Stone

  • Inspect for loose or missing grout.
  • Inspect seal and shine of stone tops, backsplashes and side-splashes.


  • Inspect floor finish for possible scratches, dents, sun-bleaching, stains, wear and tear and/or other imperfections.


  • Check light bulbs, dimmers and switches for operation.


  • Check room heating and cooling systems for operation.

Plumbing Systems, Fixtures & Toilet Accessories

  • Check faucets for possible leaks, and check flow rate and temperature of hot / cold.
  • Check towel bars, robe hooks, toilet paper holders and curtain rods for stability


  • Check operation of Dishwasher, Range, Vent Hood, Refrigerator/Freezer, and auxiliary appliances.

Shower Door, Glass & Mirror

  • Check for cracks and chips; test shower door open/close mechanism and inspect for fit.

Paints & Coating, Decorative Finishes & Wall Covering

  • Inspect seams for possible separation.
  • Inspect walls, ceilings, base and trim and crown finishes for imperfections and possible damage.


  • Fertilize lawn and garden areas.
  • Winterize lawn irrigation system.
  • Winterize pool and spa.

House Exterior

  • Clean “weep hole” at bottom of windows.
  • Test and inspect all exterior lights for proper operation.
  • Seal attic fan with cover and insulate.
  • Clean gutters and downspouts and repair and/or caulk where needed. Water that strikes the house or drips down from the roof should drain away from the foundation walls.
  • Ensure that waterlines and hose bibs are protected from freezing.


  • Inspect chimney for creosote build-up, worn liner, loose bricks or stone and deteriorating joints – repair as necessary.
  • Check vents for free air movement – clean any screens.
  • Check sludge level in septic tank – when sludge reaches 1/3 of tank depth, have a professional service pump out and clean tank.

* as per manufacturer’s recommendation