Design Services

In addition to the full range of building services Duce and PMM offer, our design services further extend the capabilities and expertise of our team.

Just a few of the areas we cover are as follows:


  • Field verify existing premises, photograph and prepare existing conditions plans.
  • Selection of materials, finishes, fixtures and equipment.
  • Preparation of construction drawings detailing the above project description.
  • Submittal of construction documents for approval to the Department of Buildings. We will respond to any objections generated by the plan examiner pursuant to that review.
  • Project representation as requested or required for the duration of the construction work.
  • Asbestos and lead surveys, certification, handling, management or disposal, thereof.
  • Materials testing and inspection.
  • Probes or other exploratory methods.
  • Mechanical or Electrical Engineering documents.
  • Expediting services.
  • Filing Fees.



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